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(meh, terribly sorry for the delay on the rating)

Layout: Is it just me or has bright pink become a big trend lately? Well, everything matches quite well, and I love the flamingo images on the side. Your icon rather distracts me, I must note, nor does it really match anything. But I'll get back to that later. Hmm, the bottom scrollbar bothers me a bit, it doesn't seem necessary. But I must say that I like the thick dotted border. Such borders are often misused by people, but I think it fits in with your layout very well. Only thing is, you've got a paid account, and yet your layout is mainly very default-ish. While I do like it, I think you could make something even better with paid priveledges 7/10

Entries: Hmm, well I'm not on your friends list, so I suppose that I can't see your main entries. That leaves me with relatively little to grade. You're got quite a few surveys and quizzes, which always adds variety. And you make good use of lj cuts. Well, from what i can see though, your spelling and grammar looks fine. 4/10

Icons: Hmm, with a paid account you could have lots and lots of icons there. But then again, I wonder if people with tons of icons actually use them all... So four's quite enough. Anyway, your icons don't really match your layout at all. The closest would me the semiblonde one, and only due to its colour. Other than that, they're nice ones. I like your default one, and the nameless one of the purple-haired dude (sorry, i'm anime-illiterate). 6/10

User Info: More pink :) I like that you've got it in a nice table though, its boring seeing regular shapeless info pages... Well, what you've got there gives me a nice abstract picture of you. I think it could be more detailed though 7/10

Mood Theme: You don't have one. At least not in the entries you've left open. Sorry, I must grade accordingly. 0/10

Extra Bonus Points:

An Interesting journal title. - 1
Custom cursors. - 0
Interesting quotes - In user info. - 0
Use of credit - If you've used something from someone else. - 2
Use of lj-cuts - Pictures, lyrics. - 2
Customised comment links. - 2

Total Mark: 31

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