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Layout: The repeating background is the first thing that I notice, and frankly its a bit appalling for a first impression. The picture's not bad, but it is just ruined by the fact that it repeats. Otherwise, the style is mainly a default disjointed, but looks nice and neat. The colours match very nicely. 6/10

Entries: Now your entries are really quite interesting. I enjoyed reading them, I admit. I see nothing wrong with your spelling and grammar. I salute the fact that you use so many lj cuts, they make stuff awfully convenient. And btw, I share a lot of those political beliefs. Go France! 10/10

Icons: Well you've used up all three slots, which is spiffy. And you've used yourself in all of those icons, that's good too. But really the pictures themselves aren't that eye-catching. They don't really match your layout either. Perhaps you should make them brighter or more contrasted or something. 6/10

User Info: Well there really isn't that much, yet it does say quite a bit. Sorta. Isn't it odd how sometimes people can write a whole lot and yet it still wouldn't be very informative at all, and some can do the opposite? You could always add more though. 5/10

Mood Theme: It actually fits very well. Matches all of the colours you've used almost perfectly. 7/10

Extra Bonus Points:

An Interesting journal title. - 1
Custom cursors. - 0
Interesting quotes - In user info. - 0
Use of credit - If you've used something from someone else. - 0
Use of lj-cuts - Pictures, lyrics. - 2
Customised comment links. - 1 (I'd have given a full two points if both parts were customised, I found it to be quite cute)

Total Mark:39

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